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Laura Lu - Craig's Glory

Well after recent events of models posting on message forums. I decided I need to get away. I needed to re think how I am going to continue doing what I do. If I stayed I would get distracted by some other pussy and then the problem wouldn’t go away. My family was going away on a boating holiday and as much as they do my head in, time away seemed like a really good idea. I sent emails to all on going shoots to cancel them until I get back. I had planned on Scarlet being there to house sit and watch the dog, but she decided to visit her parents. She moans how she is sick of catching me wanking and never has the house to herself and the minute she does, she fucks off. Typical. As a last resort I asked Craig to house sit, I left him some money for takeaways and left him some beers etc… All he had to do was be a fucking grown up. What follows was not what you would expect from Craig or Chris the new lad who has started knocking around with us. Can’t leave anyone in charge these days of house. Laura came round and lets just say what happened I should have been there to do it and we will leave it at that.

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