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Josephine James - Sucking Dream Come True

Well I have been doing this some years now, and I’ve had some fab girls in, some fresh and some porn stars. But there’s always one, one fantasy that you wish you could just bone the fuck out of. We all have our fan fucks fantasy and since I’m a pervert well it was always going to be someone from porn really. I may make it and put my fake castings on the internet which technically does make me a producer in a way. But Josephine James or Lady Josephine back in the day was someone I used to wank over a lot in the early 2000s before I got into this conning crusade. I had been getting a lot of let downs, either girls just changing their mind or not showing up, this is the longest part of the con, sniffing out the pussy. Chris always said he couldn’t do my job, well if you can call it that, he just likes to show up and fuck, well at least he’s honest. Then out of the blue and because he could see I was so fed up, he offered to help out and help me book someone. He asked me who was my ultimate fuck and I said Lady Josephine. Of course he told me that since she is back working he will try and reach out to her, but not to get my hopes built up. He did say he would get me some poon though. I was happy with that. Well fast forward to the day and he had gone to get the model from that station. When he turned up I was already vlogging and had the cameras rolling. It was her, holly fuck Josephine had walked through my door I could not believe it. I was star struck I know what that meant now and boy, she was stunning and even though older than when I used to watch her, she was still stunning and it made it even hornier if anything. She soon had her hands on me and was on her knees slipping my already very hard nerd cock out. I just kept looking down and seeing Josephine James with my cock in her mouth. Chris was filming and I think he just couldn’t believe the smile on my face. But then she reached over for his cock too, the fucking camera man, or at least that’s what he was to her, and ended up sucking his cock too. I mean Chris is Chris he is never going to grumble but still how lucky is that. It then turned into a double Nerd BJ, she stuffed both of our cocks in her mouth and took both of our loads. This was me a happy happy Nerd Pervert, without a doubt. Check this out.

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