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Jasmine Lau - Cancellation Suck

Well some pro companies make a con man like me look good. The lovely Jasmine called me in the middle of a Vlog to say she was in the area and had been let down by a photographer. She asked if she could call round and of course I said yes. Now so far for a well known pornstar she had believed all of my bull shit, about doing auditions with me to break into the U.S porn industry. I’m a con man and she thinks i’m more professional than the real studio that has just let her down, you can’t make this shit up. Now Scarlet was around so I told her to get the camera ready, as always have a back up plan and by that I mean be prepared incase you get offered a nosh or a fuck. When Jasmine arrived and explained what happened and the wasted journey she had, it was the perfect time to strike. She was down on her luck, out of pocket etc… so I offered to pay her to do a scene to make up for it. She had to get going soon as she had been in the area a long time waiting for the slimmest chance this guy may get back in touch with her. She offered to suck my cock and hey, its better than a wank. I have 5 wanks a day and had 4 so far, so this was my 5th one, and its better to shoot it in a girls face than down the toilet. Jasmine sucks a mean dick and its worth paying for, to have your cock deep throated and your balls sticky with her spit as it runs down your ball sack. Jasmine loves spunk and I love giving it so to say this day had a happy ending was bit of an under statement.

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