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Jasmine Knight - New Beginnings

Well a new dawn is upon us, both in my life and the sites life. Scarlet has gone to Uni but promised to still visit. Chris Is moving in so better not tell fucking Craig. One would think that since Craig is my childhood friend it would be him. But I hate to admit it, me and Chris are better suited to be house mates. I did have a secret jealously towards him at first, I mean he can get girls without lying, he’s just a fucking lady’s man but we have made a pact. He gets to fuck any girls I con into shooting porn if she wants two dicks and if he pulls at a swinger’s club, and she wants a 3 some then he brings them back here. Today is his moving in day, so he brought some stuff round at 7.30am in the morning before work, lucky I was up as I haven’t been sleeping. The look of the videos has been slightly tweaked too, since Scarlet is no longer around to film, we kind of have to do it ourselves. That means, self-shot stuff. So we have decided to keep going what we started but vlog our lives too and the sluts that we fuck. I am taking abit more pride in how they look, and what I edit so, there some progression there even though I just want to get down and fuck. Now, we had just discussed the pussy sharing rules when bang, I get a call out of the blue from Jasmine. I thought at first I was in trouble as she knows I had lied to her before in the past, however she said she needed to talk to me but wouldn’t say what it was about. She didn’t sound mad, so I thought I’d better set the cameras up in case she was after cock. Chris was pissed off he had to go to work and was going to miss out. I told him that if it meant getting pussy then its just bad timing and nothing personal. He seemed ok about it, but only time will tell if it keeps happening. Fast forward 3 hours Jasmine was here, and she said she wanted to keep going with the auditions and the porn work. She had a very short coat on and when she took it off she had hot pants and a nice bra set on. Definitely happy I had the cameras on just in case. With in no time she was sitting on my Nerd cock and loving it. What a cock whore she was, she loves getting fucked hard. She likes riding dick, being bent over and getting fucked hard, and shes quite loud. Just what my neighbours want hahaha. She even came over my cock while I was fucking her hard in doggy. She swallows spunk down in one and has a great, I’ve just been fucked face. Great start to the year.

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