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Jasmine Knight - Deep Lies

Fuck sake it hasn’t been my week so far. First of all Zac had a hot new girl at the studio, Riley and fuck was she good looking. Slim and slender, tall, sexy as fuck smile and she looked like she could suck a dick. I arrived during her photo shoot, did some behind the scenes filming for Zac, but she didn’t seem to want to do porn. We talked her into a solo toy video, which was difficult to watch to see the least. I could practically smell her pussy from the distance I was sitting away from her. It got to the point I knew I wasn’t getting any clunge and there is only so much I can watch, it all got the better of me and I was out there. Cut to the next day I was still sore about not getting Riley to get on her knees, then the phone rings, it was Zac again. He said we have a problem and can I get over there pronto. So, I get the train over to be told Jasmine has found us out about the strip club lie and she had went to the location I told her and it wasn’t there. She turned up and was pretty pissed off with us. So I had to think on my feet. I told her the club was shut down and I didn’t have time to tell her and the only work I can offer her is porn work. She must have been desperate as she was doing a little strip tease for me and then on her knees in no time, and getting my nerd cock out. She must have decided and thought, she failed at the stripping so she might as well suck a dick for a living. Wise choice Jasmine, wise choice. She sucked my cock real good and took a load in her mouth like a champ. I think this girl will go far. Check her out now.

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