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Gina Parker - No spill unturned

Well it’s not going great for my last few times over at Zac’s studio is it? I mean fuck, the only reason I was bothering with him was some of the girls missing me out were going to him, so I sort of had to befriend they guy, just to get the girls to latch onto my cock. This was another case of a model letting us down again. They must bottle it at the last minute or something. This was going to turn into one of those days in the pub with Zac and as much as I love that, and love a fucking pint, I’d had no clunge. Then the answer was staring me right in the face, Zac’s cleaner Gina I thought was very fuckable. A waste of a nice girl if I’m honest, she should be cleaning the spunk off my dick not washing the floor. So I had full balls so I thought fuck it, I’m going to ask her, without giving Zac a warning, I started complementing her and asked if she had ever tried adult modelling before. She said no and never thought of it, I asked if she wanted to give it a try and at first I think she thought I was talking the piss. But I was being deadly serious. She asked what she had to do so I told her to put her mop down and I would show her. This was one of those times where I needed to bust a load so much and I didn’t talk her into it, I just got her on her knees and told her to close her eyes. I got my cock out and just stuck it in her face…, I wouldn’t say she looks surprised that much really even if she wasn’t expecting it, she started sucking on my dick. I guess she thought it may save her from a life of cleaning, I don’t know. She really started to get into it, and my dick was going further and further down her throat….. turns out she never knew she could either, but was a natural at chocking on nerd dick. I then invited Zac over as I was feeling generous, she didn’t seem to say no either. She was now surrounded by two strangers cocks with very little info prior to this. She sucked our cocks in turns, tried fitting both in her mouth at the same time, the lot. She turned out to be a cock whore and that’s just the way I like them. I asked her is she had ever had a mouthful of man custard and she said no… After a few minutes she was begging for our cum, so one after the other we cum in her mouth and she mixed both flavours in and downed the lot. To say she cleaned our cocks is an understatement. Fuck me that was good.

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