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Eve King - Double Dollop Of Cum

Well Inara is still popping round some days before she starts work. Still haven’t met her boss who was complaining about us, probably never will, people like that always send people under them to say that type of stuff, but she’s really friendly and she would definitely get it. Chris looses out again when Zac calls me and tells me Eve King is back and is wanting to go further with the casting audition. That means two things,one, Zac believes my bullshit still and wants me to help her out and progress more. But two and most importantly, Eve hasn’t realised she has been conned yet and so is back for more. Now that is how I like things to fucking go down. So Chris is at work, I’m off into town to go get some sluts mouth around my nerd cock. SO when I get there, I tell her that blow bangs are all the rage at the moment, and we need to see what she is like with more than cock. Funny thing is and to keep him sweet I always get Zac to offer his cock to help her out. For someone who says he just does glamour he’s putting up less and less of a fight now with these shoots. I think he’s starting to enjoy them and what man wouldn’t want a free blowjob right? She is still shy but has really come along since her first video, she even had a good go at sticking both of our cocks in her mouth at the same time. She didn’t quite manage it, but that’s what a whole lot more practise and shoots will serve her well. I am going to try and keep this one going as long as I can. If I can tell her she still has stuff to learn then, it’s more shoots, and more of Eve which is only a good thing in my book. I think she has along way to go, but ending with two spunk loads on her face was a hell of way to go to being a pornstar. If she sticks with me, she will, errrmm well go nowhere.

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