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Ellie Eastleigh - Envy Nerd Camera Man

Fucking that Lez is still showing up, as we got let down by a girl no showing and me and chris had full balls and were sat around very bored. Then Lez turns up to hang around and claims he can get us loads of his groupie girls from his so-called gigs when we have dry periods but we will see. I did tell him he can’t keep coming round here and just walking in as we could be in the middle of fucking a hot chick. Well this is a good video overall but from a selfish stand point it’s not my cock that gets any action and for that yeah, not my chosen style of vlog but on a plus it does have Ellie Eastleigh returning. So this was shot a few months back but i’ve kept you guys wondering on the whole sluts in another office situation we have with the girls 4 doors down the hallway. I mean Inara, Ellie and Ava have all been great sports so far. So Ellie was back for her second audition but this time it was a video with Chris. I know this means if she works with both of us on camera then you guys get more videos from us and that’s great but yeah it mean’s I’m on fucking camera duty and Chris was fucking rubbing it in. He wasted no time in getting his hands on her and stripping her down and to be honest she was just as bad as she wasted no time getting his nerd cock out. She has been flirting with him since we both met her so I guess she was enjoying herself too. She seems to have improved sucking cock so I am hoping that when it's my turn I get to sample that too. She really worked his cock up and he really plastered her in nerd spunk, it was in her hair,on her face and in her mouth. For her second audition she did fucking amazing and long may she pop down the hall way to visit us.

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