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Ellie Eastleigh - Busted By A Beauty

Well what a long story this is turning out to be. Seriously you can’t make this shit up. This office block where I rent and we film all of our auditions at, was Chris’ idea. I came round in the end at it has been handy but it’s not without its troubles. First of all the Land Lady Candy found out we shot porn from the office, and rather than kick up us out we kind of came to some kind of unspoken agreement, she would take it out of my body, Ok. Then Inara called around from a business 4 doors down from our office on the same floor asking to keep the noises down, then she found out what we did and ended up sucking cock in one of our casting videos. Ellie who worked with her, had been to tell us to keep it down, but she actually helped us think of ways to do it. She had met Chris one time when I was out the office and he was vlogging so got it on and she kind of likes him and was very flirty. She called by a few times and told us we wouldn’t want the big boss Ava coming round and telling us, as she can be very direct. I had seen her from a distance but not got her on the vlog camera, older lady but a cracking pair of tits on there. Then one day Ellie came over and said her boss wasn’t happy and she began asking about what we were doing that could make so much noise. Chris right in front of her with no warning to me, said I should tell her what we do. When I told her, instead of running a mile she said she would give it a go. I was gob smacked Ellie was stunning and what are the chances of a girl working in the same office as Inara would be a horny bitch too. She said she would consider me showing the US agents a video of her if she could do one now but think about it and let me know whether to send it off. Since there was no job anyway and I knew it would be my cock that would get a nosh of course I said yes. She got on her knees and started to undo my jeans and pull my boxers down, then started to tease my already hard cock with the tongue. She even did a little strip tease for us and wow was her body amazing and she also had a fantastic arse. Chris was on camera duty and knew he had to wait for his turn in another audition, but in case she didn’t come back I went first of course. She smiled at the camera and really played into it by looking directly into it. She even had a go at deep throating my nerd cock and she did a fucking could job. I then got her on her knee’s as I could feel the spunk building up and I grabbed her head and aimed it at her mouth, which she looked so cute playing with as it shot out the end of my dick. She even played with it at the end and blew the camera a spunky kiss. This girl was a real surprise but man, those girls in the office down the hall, so far two of them are sluts. Wonder if the other 6 girls who work in there are, if so, what do you think my chances are?

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