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Echo Evangelista - Drop In Nosh

Well the work is piling up, plenty clunge applying to be famous, which means they have believed my bullshit. Renting this office was the best idea I ever had, oh wait, correction, the best idea Chris Cummings ever had. Having a space to have a girl come round and not know where I live if things go south. But on quiet days now I have editing to do putting the porn vlogs together. But I am still getting the odd girl turning up on the wrong day, after a shoot day. I don’t know how they get the wrong date, but after I have just shot a load 24hrs earlier I am ready to go again. So I love it when it happens, more pussy for half the effort as I just put my effort into the first day that was advertised. Now in comes Echo and hey she’s fucking stunning. Right off the bat, she said she wants to be a pornstar. I mean job done. She had a brief chat with me and then before long she was on her knees sucking my cock. I want to say this is a basic Blowjob audition but this is on another level. This was one of the best noshes I’ve had, it was deep throating, is was gagging, and the mess fucking hell. There was fucking gob juice all over the place, this was a messy fucking shoot and that was without the spunk in her mouth and her blowing fucking bubbles with it.

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