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Devon Breeze - Two Splashings Of Cum Video

Mark has officially taken over from Lez but he seems to have got hint. I think that time when he filmed me Chris and Tilly has put him off that he didn’t get the camera gig, well tough shit that job goes to Tilly now. Mark called over, he’s starting to do it without Chris more and more and he was the one who introduced me to him. Mind you it’s true what they say about Nerds isn’t it?, They hang around with other Nerds. Now he is asking me to get him a shoot with Brooklyn Blue, he’s a bit star struck the poor lad. I told him Chris hasn’t even fucked her yet so if the new guy gets a go first then it won’t go down well and Chris will be so pissed off. He said it was worth the risk so if it ever happens, we will see. I love how we all will fuck each other over to get to some pussy, no loyalty when there’s pussy on the go eh? Well Devon may of been away for a while, but boy does she come back with a fucking bang. Every so often she gets a craving for nerd cock and she knows where to find it, right here at Nerd Pervert conning industries. The fact that she knows we are bull shitters and just comes back anyway says all we really need to know doesn’t it. She hadn’t seen the new office, so that’s how long it has been since we have seen her. When she arrived she was well impressed with the office but since we were vlogging, she just got both her hands and out started groping me and Craig’s ball sacks. She wanted to be the first to get a load on her face, but sadly we had done that so many times before already. I’ve never seen Craig so much in the last few months, and he was enjoying all the horny fun. Devon soon had his cock out and in her mouth as she had not sucked his before. I was already rock hard off just watching. She then started to swop over one after the other as we all know she is cock greedy. Not that I am surprised, but she found it so easy deep throating Craig’s girth and getting both of our nerd cocks nice and sloppy and wet. She was begging for cum and she got too creamy loads that she gagged on before downing them both. It may have been a while but what a welcome return and always pleasure getting a nosh off Devon.

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