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Devon Breeze - Lunch Time Facial

I can’t believe it, Inara, the local office girl from 4 doors down, wants to audition to do porn. Like what? We have just got to know each other over the last few weeks. Even though I usually want to fuck them by then and Inara I do, but she is too close to risk it. So I never set out to do that, as if it goes tits up, then I could get thrown out of the office. However, that's how we met, her boss hearing funny noises coming from the office. But I brushed it off. Well today is the day that she found out what I do. Thank god she isn’t the person to tell on people. But now she wants to audition. I will believe it when I see it but you never know. Now speaking of the office I love it, but I want a backup plan and I loved that other place that Chris hates, but I arranged another appointment, and I tricked Chris into coming, turns out I didn’t have to. Devon Breeze is in town and wants to meet up so I arranged to meet her there. When we got there she had beat us there, and while me and Chris were arguing about the place, she was getting on her knees and getting her tits out. Turns out she likes down beat, gritty places to film porn in. I had the vlogging camera, she wanted to suck dick so it was the perfect combination. Before we knew it she was feasting on our nerd cocks, deep throating, spitting all over our nerd ball sacks, the lot. Because it’s Devon I will let you guess how it ended. I will give you a clue, someone was all sticky. Go watch this now, it was super hot.

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