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Devon Breeze - 3 loads of Nerd Splodge

It’s all well and good Chris coming up with shooting away from the house which led me to renting office space, and apart from people over hearing the odd slut screaming when she is getting Nerd Fucked. But before we got the new office, I was looking at what Chris called a shit tip. I could see that with a good clean and a nick of paint, it could be used as a place to run our nerd operations. So, one thing I thought of is, what if a model is onto us and she still knowns the address of the new office space, then a second one would be handy. I know Chris will think we are getting the run down place as a bad idea so I decided to show Craig as he usually agrees with anything I say. So, I showed him around and as predicted he agreed that it was a wise move. We arranged that night to see a movie, as we like to go opening night on all the main comic book movies. But then Devon called around for a catch up and asked if I could get her new girls to shoot. I had been taking them all for myself if I’m honest. Then craig and Chris turned up ready to see the movie and Devon got on her knee’s and asked if she could distract us from the movie. She closed her eyes and said she would be disappointed if there wasn’t a hard dick in her face when she opened them. Well safe to say we missed the movie and she had not one, but 3 hard nerd cocks right in her face. She sucked on these cocks as if she hadn’t had one for ages, even though knowing Devon she probably did not so long ago, she just loves cock that much. She deep throated, gagged, and spat all over our hard cocks until one by one we both shot a massive load all over her fucking face and she loved. It was in her mouth, all over her face, she was blowing bubbles with it, Devon made a very welcome and well over due return to see her favourite nerds and we can’t thank her enough for emptying our balls.

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