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Devon Breeze - Nerd Spit Roast

Some fucking friends these two cunts are. We have only known Chris Cummings for 5 minutes and him and Craig are like best buddies. Not only is Craig an idiot and not the right mental age to look after a house, he was under strict instructions not to have anyone over. Now I didn’t go in to specifics and literally say don’t let Chris come round. But not having anyone around means anyone. Plus, I don’t want Chris pulling women at the local pub and bringing them back to my house. I’m the only person who fucks lots of wet pussy in my house. Well Craig not listening to a thing I say, he had Chris in my fucking house playing games nearly every day. The worse person to come round the house, not knowing I am away is the MILF Cougar herself, Devon Breeze. She’s a bigger pervert than me. She can’t sit in a room with two guys and not fucking come onto them, it doesn’t fucking happen. Chris was there and he’s a fanny rat, Craig is happy for what he can get, and he’s already had a nosh off Laura Lu while I’ve been away. The next minute Devon is sucking both of their cocks, trying to fit both dicks in her mouth like a cock whore at a dick buffet, then she doesn’t stop there, ohhh no it’s Devon, no she doesn’t stop there, she keeps going ends up getting a spit roasting off them and working them up so much with her dirty talking that she had one of them blow inside her pussy and give her a nerd cream pie and the other busting a load over her face. If you enjoy seeing me miss out, and you fucking shouldn’t as your supposed to me my loyal Nerd supporters, but if you do on the off chance then you should love this episode.

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