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Danni Marie - Almost A Nosh

Well I don’t know how to feel at the moment. Danni got in touch and said that she was ready to go all the way on video after not hearing from her for ages. She just did a solo tease last time and promised to think about full on porn. But I expected to hear back from her in a few weeks tops, so when I heard nothing after so long then I assumed it was a no. Hell Chris and Craig had seen the first video and agreed she was as cute as fuck and we had to get her in to do full on scene. Then out of the blue I got a call from Danni saying she wanted to go all the way on video. Now considering her idea of a naughty video as she called it was a solo video I had to try and hone in my excitement, at least from of her. I still had to put her on hold for a moment while I jumped around the living room. Chris was going to miss it as he was at work, but I told him this was going to take some time before she took on 3 nerds at the same time, if ever that was to happen. Well fast forward to two days later and she was here. Teasing the camera with her big tits, and playing with her already wet pussy as she really does love being on camera. Then she got on her knees and started rubbing my crotch area. What do you think happened next? I will let you guess on this one, but the outcome might surprise you.

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