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Cleo Summers - Tattoo Fuck Off

Christmas is over, thank fuck for that, back to business for me. Back to operation, trick as many bitches as I can to suck and fuck my nerd dick. Ahhhh the start of the new year and new prospects in getting more poon always fills me with joy. No sooner had we got back to normal, Scarlet decided to get a new tattoo to start the new year off. She decided to try the new place that opened up just before Christmas. She got there as they were closing and Cleo was really nice and offered to stop by after work to chat to her about it. Scarlet bringing a sexy goth lady to me house. Of course I was gonna try. I listened in on their chat and then called for Scarlet. Turns out Donna Austin the other girl I had fucked a while back from the other Tattoo place had a bit of a past with Cleo. She was now seeing an ex of Cleo's and Cleo was telling us she did porn. She had no idea the porn was with us until when we were checking her out on my tablet, I came up with my dick in her mouth. I thought that was it, she was gonna storm off, but she didn't. She said that if Donna had done porn she was going to do some to do it better and get one up on her. Then just like that Scarlet was filming me eating her pussy out. Once she was wet I stuck my cock right up her, she then tasted her pussy juice off my cock and then she was bouncing on my cock. Man she had an arse to die for, fucking hell. When its that curvy, I just had to bend her over and give her it good doggy style. We did it all, I'm surprised the springs had not gone in the sofa to be honest. She even took a nice big cum load in the mouth. Awesome day and great start to the new year.

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