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Cleo Summers - Nosh For Lunch

Wow can you believe I’m actually considering some down time. Just to get away from the office and to just take some time off for a few days. Well that very rarely happens to be fair, as i’m a pervert full time and that’s without filming my pervy adventures for you guys. Even if there was no video camera involved, if I see some pussy I want it. I also have about 3-5 wanks a day so if i’m not making porn i’m fucking watching it. But I thought I would give it a go and see how long I last. I had to at least go through the next batch of scenes to show you guys. Then on day two of my down time my phone rang and it was the ever so sexy cleo. She was on her lunch break and wanted to pop round. Now I always know what that means, she wants to pop round and give a quick nosh as she gets off on the fact I do porn, I don’t know why but when she rode my nerd cock that time, the next time I saw her, she just loved the idea my dick goes inside any hole that will let me. She has even blowbanged me, Chris and Craig. She even let my gardener Mel get in on it, when he was spying through the window. So today she came over to suck my cock and she just got straight on her knees as she always does. Pushed for time but only working up my local high street, she just feasts on the nerd sausage. I mean with Cleo no man last long, the fucking presure when she locks her lips round your cock is just the best feeling ever. After stripping off and teasing, playing with her wet pussy and then sucking the spunk out of my cock, my lunch time has just improved and like I predicted my rest didn’t last long, but that is Cleo’s fault not mine, but to be fair I probably wouldn’t of lasted much longer really. Chris will be gutted as Cleo is one of his favorites. But then he got a fuck off her last time so i guess for now we are even. Top marks to Cleo and her cock sucking skills and I hope to see her again really soon.

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