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Carli Hudson – The Sex Addiction Social Worker’s Daughter

Well where to begin. This day left me really really fucking confused. So Sienna Hudson had just sucked my dick yesterday after giving into her urges. Then the next day me and Scarlet hear a phone ring, I found a phone down my sofa and had no idea how it got there. There was a girl on the end of the phone asking for her mother Sienna, it was that sex social worker’s phone she must of not realised it had fallen down my sofa yesterday. She said she wanted her mother to come and pick her up from the station as she was home from college. I explained the situation and told her to stop off and come and get the phone. Scarlet saw right through my plan when I said that you have to help people this day and age, she knew I was just hoping she was fit. Thing is I recognised her voice. Fast forward an hour later and there’s a knock at the door, it was Poppy McQuire one of the new girls I shot last year and just recently fucked. See episodes Blowjob Lunch Break, Popping in Poppy’s Mouth and Boyfriend Play. Turns out it was her on the phone and told me to call her Carli, as Poppy was just the name Zac at the studio had given her when he discovered her. She called her mother to say she had her phone and when she told her I had it, she said she was coming to get her and slammed the phone down. Shit…. This could get ugly, I’m fucking Sienna without Poppy knowing, I mean Carli and I’m fucking Carli without her mother knowing that she is trying to get into porn. Actually I’m not sure if Sienna even knows about my fake job or not? Carli was telling me she loved the porn we shot so far but needs more practise, suddenly she was on her knees and asking if she could practise on me. This is becoming a thing now, girls getting the wrong end of the stick and thinking they have to do more porn with me, and for once I’m not telling them this as part of my con. But who am I to say no and not go along with it, I mean it would be rude not to and Carli is fucking sexy as fuck. Man does she love sucking the cock, its no wonder she bought my bull shit so easy, she wants to do porn and so my stories of fame and fortune are playing into that. Man can this girl deep throat, and her tight skinny body just begs to be thrown around. Be sure to check out her face as I cum in her mouth, pure fucking dirty I love spunk in my mouth eyes.

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