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Candy Cummings - Blackmail Bitch

So I get a letter from the company owned by Candy who owns the office block we work in and it tells me that it is being sold. So Candy, the girl who has blackmailed me for a year into letting her sit on my dick or she will tell everyone, has sold it for a massive profit. I know what you are thinking, a MILF who is still sexy for her age fucking me and this is not a good thing? I mean I am a pervert right? Well yes you will be partly right, I like the fucking bit but I also like to con them and me being in the driving seat and at the moment she is, thats the small part I don’t like about this. But hey, there’s worse things to happen. She never said she would kick me out of the office, but you get the feeling that the sexual favors with a younger man was part of it, and as long as I did, I can stay. I mean if the rest of the other businesses in the building found out there would probably be a rally to get me out right? Well it seems like Candy is out of the picture, unless she comes back and still wants me to stick my dick in her mouth or she tells the new owner? I have no idea. But I will say that finding a lost tape of her coming round and sucking my cock, which Chris quickly filmed, is a nice treat for you guys. I had fucked her a few more times than she appeared in the vlog, and I forgot I had this one. Man was she a good cock sucker and someone I really wanted to keep in my little black fuck book. But hey if that is the end of this thing we had, then I will have to move on. But she was a great cock sucker though, and she loved swallowing a younger man’s cum and lets face it, a nerds taste better what can I say. I just hope the new owner is another sexy lady, as what with Candy the ex owner, Eva the boss from the accounts place down the hall and her staff Ellie and Inara, so far the building was owned by a slut and rented by sluts, so yeah, lets hope the future of this office block is just as fucking horny going forward.

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