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Caitlyn Smith - Cute Fucker

Well she finally decided to do it. After phone call after phone call, she is very detailed in her research for who she works with I will give Caitlyn that. Good job I’m a nerd and good with computers and the internet and making fake websites, sending fake emails and making faking references, then isn’t it? Or I would be fucked. At one point I though the fucking game was up as she is friends with Carly Rae who has been making a name for herself lately, so pretty sure by now she knows I’m full of shit. Lucky for me, Caitlyn didn’t say my name to her and unlucky for her she did her first porn shoot with a fake sleazy casting agent….. me. It makes my dick even harder when they are fresh and more to the point, when I have worked on them just that little bit more and my hard work pays off and it ends up being a yes. Yes Paul I will suck on your nerd cock, gag on it at the back of my throat and look up at you with those cute eyes and look too innocent to be evening doing this. That is Caitlyn Smith all over, a cute little cock sucker who gazes into your eyes while she blows you and you can’t look away either because she is just too dam sexy for words. Great effort on the dick sucking, fantastic but I think I need to get her back for more practice like I manage to convince some of the other bitches, and oh I still have to fuck Caitlyn yet so do stay tuned for that one when the episode drops.

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