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Caitlyn Smith - Caitlyn's Practice

What a hot day, a British summer with sun shine it doesn’t happen very often. The emails I have coming in from girls wanting to do porn, is mad. I can’t keep up with it and Scarlet should be doing all this replying. I’m just here for the dicking. You know, I prefer the old Scarlet, the Scarlet who would film when I asked her too or typed a letter when I needed it, not the stand up to Paul I am not taking anymore of your shit version. Then it dawned on me, why not hire a PA and a fucking sexy one too. Hell when there is a pussy draught that would be something to look at right? I got to work on one of my super duper fake adverts and within in 3 days I had a girl phone up about it, so I set an interview slot with her. Caitlyn was back to ask if we could put some extra practice in. I know I have had this happen a few times now but love it when a girl gets the wrong end of the stick. Of course, I am happy to let them suck and fuck me some more and after all, they suggest it not me. So Caitlyn wanted to get used to the camera in her face. The only thing to do was to stick my dick in her face and let her go to town on it. Man can she suck a dick, it boggles my mind how many good cock suckers there are out there that might never try porn. So when I discover them like sexy arsed Caitlyn here well, I am more than happy to go along with it. It was so nice to see that sexy arse of her’s again and blow a load in her mouth. She slurped it up like a good girl. Let’s hope it takes her a while before she feels she is ready, as I am only too happy to help.

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