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Well it’s often that I am stuck for things to say especially in the bullshit area. But after Brooklyn turned up last time with her own stud who was built like a brick shit house, well yeah I had been getting calls from her for a few days and I just didn’t answer them as I just felt I couldn’t really say anything to a pornstar that she would believe really, not some one as well known as her. Chris had told me a few weeks ago we needed to get a new camera man since Craig had gone AWOL.He said he would deal with it and today he stopped by after work at the office and he had just asked someone from the local pub, a guy called Lez Gibson. I did recognize him a bit but he was a bit full of himself and fancied himself as a rockstar but rather than be pressured into it I told him I’d get back to him as I just wanted to think about it. Then after he left Brooklyn called again while Chris was there and I ignored it but it set him away asking again when were were fucking her and I told him it’s not as easy as that then she called back. Before I knew it Chris had answered the phone to her so I had to talk to her. She said she wanted to come around and chat with me tomorrow if she had time. Me and Chris were left wondering what the fuck that was about. He told me not to fuck her and I told him I doubt that was on the cards. Well fuck was I wrong as the next day she came to say sorry about bringing her own stud the last time and getting the wrong end of the stick. I was not expecting that and she did say that she wanted me to help her get into the US market. She was happy to do a casting video with me, Brooklyn Blue the world famous pornstar but I bet it was because she knew that big muscle guy and if I was lying she could send him round to break my spine. I told her we usually do a BJ scene to start off the audition but she said BJ scenes just lead to sex scenes as she gets far to horny. I was like wow ok. She was not lying she sat on my nerd cock after deep throating my cock and rode the fuck out of me. I slammed her hard in doggy and she bounced on my nerd cock. She even wore my nerd glasses,she basically made me her bitch lol. But boy was it good, I lasted longer than I thought as just the thought of fucking Brooklyn is enough to make your balls pop. But yeah I spunked in her face and I was starstruck and happily emptied so yeah I just have to think of something else to tell her now as when Chris finds out he has missed out, hes gonna be fucking pissed.

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