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Belle Ohara - Blowbang Beauty

Fucking hell guys have I got a vlog for you. Please go back and watch the other episodes of Belle first, so see how long it took us to get to this stage, after seeing her jogging in the park all these years ago. To getting her to suck our cocks when we finally found her again, to thinking about modelling and going for it. She is going head first into porn and boy looking at her does she not look like she would do all this. We first shot her first video back at the house, but since then we now have the rented office in town. She texted me a few days ago and said she was visiting and might stop by. That might had us all hoping, me and Chris has already had the pleasure of fucking her but we would again and again. Craig really took a shine to her and that’s off never meeting her and just watching the videos me and Chris did with her over and over. So I bet deep down, no one was hoping she would call and say Hi more than him. Well 3 days later here she was, and like the true pro con man I am I struck there and then and mentioned there was other auditions she could do to be higher on the list and be wanted by more of the agents we know in the US. I told her that blowbangs are the thing that are selling at the moment and that companies are looking for girls who do it, that wasn’t what was needed when we shot her first auditions and that doing that would tip their interest more. I can’t work out if she trusts me or wether she is just a horny slut but either way, she said yes right away. We stripped her down out of her lovely dress, and she had red stockings on underneath and the whole set to match. We were all over her groping that amazing firm tight body of hers and peachy arse. Then she got on her knees and rubbed our crotches to get us hard, trouble is it’s Belle and they were already hard. She tasted Craig’s cock first as that was a new one to her, then took it in turns to taste each of our nerd cocks and then circle back round, she then got greedy and wanted all 3 cocks in her mouth, which she attempted brilliantly. I then told her she needed to swallow all our nerd cum one by one and keep it in her mouth and mix the flavours as well as play with it for the camera. She had never done this before but took each load in her mouth, one by one and boy, did she do well. Her fucking mouth was over flowing. Guess if you like Belle Ohara and you are pleased to see her back, well then this is not to be missed. Hot hot hot.

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