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Angel Rae Doll - Bimbo Cum Slurper

Wow, audition days being a success is one thing, but dumb bitches getting the day wrong day, traveling miles to get here and arriving the day after is another. But that’s exactly what happened to Angel. Me and Chris had an awesome day the day before and me and Craig were hanging out doing camera tests, trying to work on a setup which was permanent and just ready to go should a slut show up unexpected. That's Angels que, she turned up expecting an audition and realised that she had got the wrong day. She looked like a proper slut, and was a bit pissed that she missed her chance. Well lucky for her I’m a pervert and the last time I emptied my balls was 24 hours ago and so I was more than ready. So I sold her the idea that I was doing her a favour, but only because she had travelled all this way. Trying to make myself not sound like a pervert is hard sometimes. I told her this would be a basic audition and that she would have to come back and do a full in depth one at a more arranged time. She told me she is a bimbo and that is how she is marketing herself as a dum bitch. This meant I didn’t have to behave myself. So that’s what she got. A good old throat fucking with spit everywhere, with her gagging up to the eye balls, her fucking eyes was going blood shot. She even got Craig’s fucking godzilla cock rammed down her throat. I eat her tasty tight pussy out, and she went wild, she even let me spit in her face and in her mouth and she got two load loads of spunk, which she gargled, played with and swallowed like a good little spunk whore,this was abit of a different scene and it was nice not having to behave myself. I could just treat her like a slut.

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