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Abbie Price - Chris Fills In

We it’s new monitor day, and it’s always good filming an unboxing. Chris was well jealous when he saw it, and Craig, well Craig is a bad nerd. He games and reads comic books but he doesn’t really get Technology, how it works or nothing. The next day I wasn’t keen on the Monitor at all. My old monitor was too big, this was too small so I am returning it. I was starting to come down with a cold and couldn’t be arsed. So, the odd model who was interested in coming in and shooting a video I postponed for a few days but there was someone I kept thinking I had forgot. Fast forward to later and Chris was at home having a day off and chilling when Abbie Price knocked at the door. She was here for an audition, and I completely forgot. Like a true Nerd Pervert, he filled in, pretended he knew about it, and ended up shooting a video with her. Now to date Chris had not had the pleasure of fucking Abbie, all he had to go on was my stories of her and he didn’t know not to let those big brown eyes fool you. Well, she just went into slut mode, but cute slut mode, and was deep throating Chris’s dick, sitting on his cock, getting bent over and being rammed hard, and been nerd fucked in spoons. Now it’s always good when we film someone getting rammed, but this was up the fucking arse. Looks like I created a monster and now Chris was getting the chance to fuck cute Abbie up the arse and wow he enjoyed himself, and blew a big load in her mouth which she swallowed like a good slut. Wasn’t my cock sadly but, a hot video none the less, Chris got to film with one of my favourites the lucky fucker.

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