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Abbi Price - Anal Fuck Blag

This girl was one of the cutest, big brown eyed, sexiest bitches I've ever had the pleasure of conning, so for her to disappear like that, and a year on my dick still twitched thinking of her amazing cock sucking talent, I had to face facts that she had gone. Sure I had other local girls on the go, that was buying my bullshit and Lucy was still around. Then out of the blue Abbi called me to explain why she had gone. Now I'm going to be honest I was ready to do a little dance that this fucking sex pot was calling me up wanting to continue what we started. But I decided to play it cool. I couldn't let her know that deep down I was gutted because I hadn't pounded her pussy in over a year. So I played it cool, direct and in a way you wouldn't expect. I told her I was too busy I didn't have the audition tapes and that I wasn't going to risk my time being wasted any more and hung up. Fast forward a day later she turned up at my house, looking as fucking cute as ever. I wanted to stick my dick in her mouth right then. She was so keen that she wanted to start again and do all of this for real this time, I kind of felt guilty that there wasn't really any work at the end of it. But I could not miss the chance to be balls deep in her again. So I told her I needed some sort of reassurance, that she wasn't going to do it again. Then she muttered something you can never say to a pervert like me,” I will do anything”. Before you know it, I was munching on her sweet teen pussy. She sucked my dick again and it felt so fucking good. Then I couldn't wait any longer, I had to fuck her. I missed those cute little moans when your fucking the shit out of her. And boy did she love riding my dick and being taken from behind. I even suggested that Anal was all the rage in the US now and having that on an audition tape would show her in a good light. She said she had never tried it but would, and so I got to stick my cock up her tight arse, slowly at first but then worked up to giving it a pounding. I finished by blowing a massive load in her mouth. The best thing is I need to get it in an audition, so I need to do it again. I'm so looking forward to that.

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